Our Methodology

When it comes to business incubation, there is no "one size fits all" approach to generating success. Which is why we offer three programs each tailored to the individual company to ensure our methods have a positive impact. We believe that lowering the barriers a company may face is key to assisting in their success. To those in the San Diego region we offer a 20-week tailored on-site or off-site program, where companies receive business guidance, mentors, personal connections, trainings, access to office space, and exclusive access to many industry events. For companies seeking quicker turnaround we also offer virtual incubation for a flat one time fee. Virtual incubatee's work with our staff to identify immediate needs and goals, where we then make personal introductions on a companies behalf, provide remote mentorship, and work as a resource in following through on potential leads. There is wiggle room to what else we can provide based on the needs of a company  and we welcome the challenge's they bring eagerly.


Format: Onsite & Offsite

We accept applicants to our programs on a rolling basis throughout the year. After a brief screening process we invite promising candidates for interviews with some of our mentors and staff, making decisions soon after. To apply fill out this form. At this point we identify best fit to either the off-site or on-site program, the only difference being that on-site incuabtee's receive office space within our building. 

Within the first week of both programs we meet with the founders to begin planning out milestones for their 20-week program. We then interface our companies with industry mentors through our SAGE process, providing the company access to an expert within their field or area of interest. During the program companies participate in group huddles every other week and can meet with coaches and mentors as often as needed. 

The incubator itself runs on a 4 week cycle with events at the end of each week. This ensures that companies at any point in their incubation process continue to have access to seminars, networking opportunities, and talks with industry executives. The first week is reserved for incubator prep, news, possibly a short talk, and a company huddle. Week 2 we invite previous graduates, founders, investors, business service professionals, and other notable faces to speak informally to the incubatee's on everything from doing business internationally to zany stories of finding seed funding. Week 3 we reserve for 3rd party office hours, where we bring in our collaborators at Dentons, Scripps Institute of Oceanography, and the City of San Diego to hold office hours with our incubatee's where they answer general questions and provide an outside perspective to any obstacles looming ahead. Week 4 we hold our TMA Executive Talk luncheons, where we bring in powerhouses, movers & shakers, and a myriad of guests together to hear stories, ideas, and quick quips on the BlueTech industry.

All incubatee's receive access to class-A meeting space when meeting with consumers, exclusive discounts to TMA events, and personal introductions to a global network. Most important of all we help in the follow up of an introduction, coaching and advising companies through the deal closing process or through navigating the waters of the Blue Economy.

Format: Virtual Incubation 

Companies that don't have the opportunity to join us within the San Diego region can still receive business services through our virtual incubation program. Upon receiving an application for virtual incubation, we'll review it to assess the immediate needs that should be tackled by the company. These are usually niche requests involving later stage startups including: network building in a region, planning business to business meetings abroad, or providing in depth insights to the BlueTech industry; however, we've also tackled much larger endeavors such as planning a trade mission in the past for additional charge. We then organize a short call to better understand the reason for applying and we'll take the first steps in establishing a mentor for the incubation period (usually 5 weeks). 

We then begin setting meetings between relevant contacts and the founders, acting as liaisons to the conversations and ensuring headway is made to tackle the next goal. As mentioned we do charge a flat $500 fee for a 5 week virtual incubation program, which pays for time coaches spend in acting as liaisons and guidance to companies. This includes at minimum 3 personal introductions in which we do all the leg-work and setup, access to a mentor for the 5 week period, and constant access to BTI coaches as time permits. We also waive the fee for a single program if the company joins TMA as a member, which we guide you through at the start of an incubation period.