Companies 2017 - 2018



Intellecy is a producer of intelligent smart home products. The Intellecy BluViewTM is a smart water system that protects home's against water leaks and helps homeowner's manage their water so they can save water and lower their bill.   



XST is a small business providing consulting services which facilitate the implementation of technology and processes to maximize human capital. They focus primarily in data collection and analysis for maritime mission planning.


Clear Blue Sea

Clear Blue Sea is a 501(c)(3) registered non-profit dedicated to cleansing the oceans of plastic debris and sustainably repurposing collected plastic pollution. They are undertaking research projects, educational initiatives, and in constructing FRED (Floating Robot for Eliminating Debris) a large ocean roving robot aimed to clean ocean surface debris. 


DELAWARDE Consulting

A boutique consulting firm run by our entrepreneur in residence Chris Ward. Delawarde Consulting  provides professional strategic consulting services to technology-focused companies in the highly fragmented marine and water instrumentation industries. They believe that the Bluetech industry attracts the world's best talent and combines great economic opportunity with environmental sustainability.



Headquartered in Palo Alto, MARSEC is a multimodal transport optimization company with focus on the maritime mode of transport employing the Industrial Internet of Things and Big Data Analytics technologies. They improve maritime operations through revenue optimization and cost savings with help of open, innovative and flexible applications, which can be modified for the customer’s specific needs.


Ocean Motion Tech

Ocean Motion Tech is looking to change how we store energy through their mechanical hydro-kinetic energy storage device.